Toaster Pets Cartoons

This all-new animation studio will capture imagination and expand creativity. Record your Toaster Pets coming to life, give them a voice, and customize everything to make your story unique!
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Toaster Pets Cartoons companion app is feature-packed and makes cartoon creation fun and easy.
  • Hours of Entertainment

    Imagination is endless! Provide hours of thought-provoking play time for your children, siblings, or young relatives.

  • Sharability

    Easily share your cartoons with friends, family, or the world. Start your own content creation channel online without needing expensive equipment or a team of animators.

  • Safety Driven

    Our highest priority is keeping your child’s identity safe online. Share your cartoons confidently, because, unlike stop-motion or video recording, TP Cartoon Studio doesn’t show real images.

  • STEM Certified

    The Toaster Pets Cartoon Studio has been certified by STEM, a prestigious coalition trusted by thousands of schools to approve products that enhance the learning experience.

  • Quick & Easy

    It takes only minutes to go from setting up the studio to creating your very own cartoon!

  • Customizable Characters

    Choose from hundreds of props, accessories, and environments to make your cartoons unique and tell an amazing story.

  • Record Your Voice

    Bring your characters to life by talking for them and watch as they mimic your mouth movements. Through our advanced AI, other characters in the cartoon will react to the talking character.

  • Compatibility

    Our cartoon studio has been uniquely designed to support thousands of unique phones and tablets running Android or iOS.


Add more characters to your story!

Expand your storytelling abilities with additional character packs, available now. All character purchases come with 3 free in-app collectibles, props, and accessories.

Toaster Pets Cartoons Educational Guides

Ignite students’ interest in storytelling and cartoon creation!

  • Build communication skills through mini lessons
  • Build writing, speaking and listing skills through classroom activities
  • Classroom, parent and team building activities
  • Classroom management tips

More Updates Coming Soon!

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    Pancake Panda
    Rye Sloth


    We're here to help! Here are some common questions users encounter.

    How does it work?

    The Toaster Pets Cartoon Studio uses cutting-edge Computer Vision (CV) technology to track and animate your pets on-screen. Getting started is simple:

    1. Download the Toaster Pets Cartoons app from the Play Store/App Store.
    2. Unbox the product, extend the arms, and place the Green Screen Background on the end of the arms.
    3. Place your device on the stand with the device’s camera directly above the mirror. Place the blue device holder underneath your device to hold it in place.

    Once you complete these 3 easy steps, you’re ready to make your very own cartoon animation!

    What does 'device over mirror' mean?

    The Studio software uses your device’s rear-facing camera to find and track the Toaster Pets in the scene. Placing the camera above the angled mirror on the Studio allows the software to look forward at the pets, instead of having to hold the device upright.

    My pets aren't showing up on screen. What can I do?

    The most common problem related to pets not appearing on screen is lighting. If you are in a room that is too dark or outside in direct sunlight, the Studio will have a harder time recognizing the pets. It is recommended that you use the Studio in a well-lit room away from direct sunlight.

    What devices are compatible?

    The Cartoon Studio is compatible with Android 6+ or iOS11+

    Brioche Cat


    Our unique creations are just a small example of what this product is capable of


    See what others are saying about their experiences with the Toaster Pets Cartoon Studio
    Jessica says...

    Bought this for my friends' three daughters to see what it's all about and it was a blast! Comes with two cute "toaster pets," a cat and a dog.

    Laurie says...

    This has been a great toy for my two kids to create stories. Each kid controls a pet and they have really gotten into their characters with their voices and styles.

    Anna thinks...

    I bought Toaster Pets for my daughter and she absolutely loves it! She has always been very creative and loves to make movies! Toaster Pets is an awesome way for you to direct and film your own movie.

    John believes...

    As a business owner, we've spent thousands on animated marketing videos. We were one of the first to purchase Toaster Pets' Animation Studio for business purposes. The videos went over so well that we've purchased 2 additional sets for our other business owner friends. They love it and so do their kids!

    Ready to make your own cartoons?

    Capture imagination and expand creativity at home or in the classroom with your own Toaster Pets Cartoon Studio today!
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