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We Are Revolutionizing How Cartoons are Being Made

It’s very hard for kids to create cartoons because it takes professional skills, weeks and thousands of dollars to produce a one minute cartoon.
But with Toaster Pets Cartoons kids can quickly produce unlimited cartoons in real time without any prior skills or a Hollywood budget!

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What Can I Do

Movie Oscars



Narrate Stories

Retell Movies




Alphabet Videos

Create Your First Cartoon Show in 3 Easy Steps

Download Studio

Download and print paper studio

Build Studio

Follow simple instructions to build your studio with simple materials

Start Recording

Start recording and see your cartoons come to life as you act them out. Watch the characters interacting with each other and with the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toaster Pets Cartoons Paper Studio?

Toaster Pets Cartoons Paper Studio is a simple version of the original Toaster Pets Studio. Toaster Pet Cartoons Paper Studio was designed to help you experience cartoon making for free.

What do I need to step up the studio?

All you need is a printer, cardboard (a cereal box will work nicely or print on card stock) and scissors

How long does it take to set the studio up?

On average it takes 5-10 minutes to set it up.

What devices are compatible?

The paper studio works with phones iOS 11+ (Android 6+ soon). Our Toaster Pets Cartoons Studio works with both phones and tablets. Learn more here

Toaster Pets Cartoons in the News

“A Pittsburgh-based company is giving kids a safe way to create videos to be posted online. It’s called “Toaster Pets.”

WPXI-TV News Pittsburgh

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