Create Cartoons in Real Time

This complete animation studio kit allows you to create unique animated videos in just a few minutes. Kids can now be the directors of their own production! Upload directly to YouTube and Vimeo or email and text your new cartoons. Share you videos with your friends or the world.

We Are Revolutionizing How Cartoons are Being Made

It’s very hard for kids to create cartoons because it takes professional skills, weeks and thousands of dollars to produce a one minute cartoon.
But with Toaster Pets Cartoons kids can quickly produce unlimited cartoons in real time without any prior skills or a Hollywood budget!

Here’s How It Works

Set up the Studio and Download the APP

Download the App from the App store (iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle) then set up the studio.

Set up your Scene

Pick your Toaster Pet characters. Choose one of the 10 virtual environments.

Start Recording

Start recording and see your cartoons come to life as you act them out. Watch the characters interacting with each other and with the environment.

Develop Skills Like

  • Creativity

  • Team Work

  • Critical Thinking

  • Language Learning

  • Speech Therapy

  • Communication Skills

Toaster Pets Cartoons in the News

What Kids Are Saying About Toaster Pets

Teachers Love Toaster Pets Cartoons

We Are on a Mission to Make Cartoon Creation Easy, Educational and Fun Which Will Allow Kids Improve Their Creative Mind and Help them Express Themselves Freely and Safely. 

The Team Behind Toaster Pets Cartoons

John Feghali


Chase Dudley

COO / Co-Founder

Fadi Alchoufete

Technical Director

Lloyd Wright

Lead Designer

Kevin Marroquin

Lead Animator

Moe Koueifi

Digital Marketing

Beau Berman

Content Lead

Josep Pastor

International Sales

The Journey

The Idea

We wanted to create awesome cartoon shows but couldn’t find tools that allow the collaborative creation of high quality cartoons.

Conceptual Design

We identified what would be needed to help any person without no cartoon making expertise create awesome cartoons.

Engineering Design

We spend endless nights engineering our concepts and designs so they can be easy to use and manufacture. We also designed advanced software so that the hardware can seamlessly interact with our hardware.


We invited kids, parents, educators and had them test and help improve our designs.


We traveled the world looking for the experts in manufacturing that can deliver our vision and help create a high quality and durable cartoon studio.


We worked round the clock across different time zones to meet our scheduled delivery dates so the whole world can start expressing their ideas and share their stories through cartoon.

Join the Movement to Democratize Cartoons by Making Cartoon Creation Accessible to Everyone.